Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Included with OS App Owner: defined

Apple's chat client supporting AOL Instant Messenger and Jabber Instant Messenger clients.

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You can use iChat with MSN. Read matt0ne's comment.

I have some friends who own Macs and a lot of friends using Windows. To chat to both parties it looks like Adium is doing a better job. And if i need a quick video conference I'm using Skype.

Sorry apple, nice try but I really don't need that application.

I like Adium better, but my son sometimes wants an audio chat. This happens often enough that I switched back to iChat. Chax makes this choice less painful.

download iChax for full use of this app. I also use jabber to connect to the MSN network (no audio/files/vid)
Shame about the videoChat issues.

Excellent interface.

Audio chat works well with the built in microphone on my iBook and eMac. Manages echo much better than Skype and can be used without headphones. Audio quality is better than Skype, but doesn't support calls to telephones like SkypeOut

Video chat needs minimum 256k upload capacity from your ADSL/Cable ISP account to ensure reasonable video quality.

Can be very difficult to impossible to get working with some ADSL modems, be prepared to waste many hours debugging your modem setup.

Direct file transfer between users is fast.