Version: 1.4.2 || Release Date: 2009-10-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Robin Lu | App Owner: iamawalrus

CHM file reader

iChm is a chm file reader for Mac OS X. Features include:

• Fully built with Cocoa. No ugly window and slow rendering
• Tab browsing
• Search through the chm file
• Find in the document
• Back/Forward
• Text zoom
• Locate current document in table of content

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5 Opinions

Been waiting for a decent chm reader on OSX for 3 goddamn years. The wait is over. This app is awesome.

Goodbye Chimp (you useless piece of crap!)

Definately install this and keep it. Thanks Robin!
A donation is headed your way.

@aeko . The search results of iChm is sorted by relevance indeed.

Nice, but ArCHMock is better. It's search results include relevance instead of a long list of matches in iChm. Maybe he adds this and also the ability to highlight text which is remembered whenever I open the same CHM file, I would switch.

The best CHM Reader! The developper smashes bugs and accepts suggestions very quickly. Version number 1.3 is out and it has Index and Index Search support! Also, document enconding choices. 5 stars =D

Brilliant piece of software.