iClip lite

Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2006-08-15 || License: Freeware Developer: Inventive | App Owner: johnred

Winner of the Apple Design Award for “Best Mac OS X Dashboard Widget”, iClip lite is a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget featuring stylish graphics and animation by the talented Mac theme artist, Piotr Gajos.

iClip lite is designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer. It enables you to quickly to store and retrieve snippets of information like text, pictures, Internet addresses, and more in its multiple “clip bins.”

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6 Opinions

This one is gone, site linked says:
"iClip is no longer available for sale or download."

The review below this one was written over a year ago.

Well, things haven't changed. It's still broken in Leopard :(

iClip lite 2.0.1, the current version, is broken in Leopard. Hopefully the developpers will release an update eventually.

If I still used Dashboard I would use iClip lite.
Once was a dock overflow area for me, in addition to storing text clippings, etc. Now I use QuickSilver and NotationalVelocity, although iClip is still a neat product.

Once I got the hang of using this widget, I loved it. So handy.

Terribly useful widget. It even stores XY coordinates for copied objects so when you copy it out of the widget and paste into a new document, it places it in the same location. So great.