Version: 1.0.0 || Release Date: 2012-06-04 || License: Commercial with demo ($0.99) Developer: Dirk Einecke | App Owner: ___ayyye___

iColor is a fast and simple application which makes life as an iOS or Mac OS X developer a lot easier. Use iColor to select a color (HEX or RGB) and the desired value for the alpha channel. The syntax for iOS, Mac OS X and CSS methods and properties is generated automatically - ready to copy & paste to you editor.

✓ Edit or choose your color with the standard built-in Mac OS X color picker.
✓ Pick colors from your screen using the magnifying glass tool.
✓ Type or paste your hex color values
✓ Type or paste your RGB color values
✓ Automatically create NSColor code, CIColor code and UIColor code
✓ Automatically create different CSS properties
✓ Copy the generated code syntax to clipboard with just one click
✓ Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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