Version: 1.9.2 || Release Date: 2009-07-20 || License: Charityware Developer: BlockSoft | App Owner: mcgpp

iConiCal is a simple donationware utility for setting iCal's icon and dock icon to show the current date in a choice of colours.

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I used this in Leopard simply to change the icon because since the icon changes you can't just replace the icon. But it doesn't work in snow leopard :(

its of no use in Leopard... leopard automatically does that.... :P

@bitnix : Version 1.3 now has that support. It is no longer necessary for iCal to be launched to update the dock icon. Plus, iConiCal can now be run by non-admin users.

This is genius. That's all I can say.

@ monnayage

Did you ever read my comment in its entirety? In which case you did, you probably noticed that I did read the description and that I was simply wondering whether there'd be a way to bypass the automatic opening of iCal itself, in order to update the icon's date.

I'm afraid your wise comment didn't lead to any particular resolvement to my query. But thanks to pxl, I'm now feel informed about the issue.

This quote posted on MacUpdate by the developer clarifies things regarding how iConiCal changes the iCal icons:

"Unfortunately, the way iCal saves its icons, it is necessary to open iCal to change the dock icon. I am however looking into ways of making this more reliable and less obtrusive for future versions."


What are you talking about? That's exactly what this program does/is for. Did you even read the description?

Would be cool if it was made so that it updates the iCal icon according to the current date (without having to open iCal first). I haven't installed iConiCal myself, because I didn't find anything in the description hinting about that feature.