Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2013-10-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($8.99) Developer: Trollin T. Loosli | App Owner: 70m

iconStiX is a basic custom icon tool: combine images, add text, adjust appearance and attach your composition to desktop items (such as folder) or save as "icns".
More details: You can
- add and reorder multiple objects (image, shape and text).
- move, resize, rotate, skew, color and add shadow to each object.
- use your image (photo) as texture (i.e. photos are clipped to fit with to image).
- modify fonts and adjust text style.
- add the smallest icon (16×16) separately for better distinctness.
- preview in different sizes (manual scaling or animation).
- attach/remove custom icons via drop boxes or the Finder's contextual menu (included in its services). Note: you must have read/write permission of the target desktop item to change its custom icon.
- export composition as images (icns, png, tiff).
- save your settings as documents (QuickLook compatible on Mac OSX v.10.7).
- keep favorite icon images for quick access.

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