Version: 0.6 beta || Release Date: 2007-06-06 || License: Freeware Developer: http://dsv.su.se/~johano/ | App Owner: gaffer

iController is an iTunes controller for the status bar. iController also flashes the current artist and track name in the center of the screen when iTunes changes tracks. During playback the artist and track name are also scrolled over the controls in the status bar.
When the mouse is moved over the controls the scrollng text disappears and reveals the controls.
Also, there are configurable global hot keys to control play/pause next/previous and volume.

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6 Opinions

Nice, but it quits when the artist field is blank. Can you fix it, or make option which fields we want to show?

Nice, but doesn't work properly for me (Leopard). Disappears from status bar, though app is still running. ByteController is similar and seems more stable. YMMV.

Is this really version 1.5 beta?
The latest version in the developer's website is 0.6 beta.
And in MacUdpdate they say it is Universal Binary.
(Maybe this page needs some correction.)

Works absolutely flawlessly on my intel mac. Nice and fast and as mentioned, very low resource usage...A+ and one of my faves

Not as configurable as Barquee...but then, it's free.
Uses a third less cpu power but a third more ram than barquee (roughly). Unlike Barquee, it has to run seperately (launch/quit on it's own ---- so usually have it always on) to iTunes like Quicktunes does, whereas barquee allows plugin use where it only starts up (and shuts down) with itunes, thereby conserving resources.
It also only has basic hotkeys (eg none for altering the rating)......but again, it's free.....whaddya expect?