Version: r20090110 || Release Date: 2009-01-22 || License: Freeware App Owner: eakster

iDentify is a utility for automatically entering metadata into mpeg 4 video files.

There are two way to use iDentify. You can either open the application like normal and let iDentify prompt you for your files, or you can drag and drop your files onto iDentify. iDentify looks at the names of the files you provided, and based on the information found there, looks up all the information one would normally include from either the TVDB or the IMDB depending on whether iDentify detects the file as being a TV show or a movie.

Want to include arwork for your files? No problem! For movies, name your image files the same as the file you want them to be applied to, and they will be inserted into your files along with the metadata. For tv shows, name the image file the same as the name of the series.

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Please check and update information. Its already have version 2.253 from May 31, 2010