Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2013-06-26 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: WID LLC | App Owner: tomterryiv

🎉 iDig is discounted until August, 1st! 🎉

iDig allows you to gain a huge amount of time if you're using SSH tunnels.

🎁 It offers you the ability to create and tweak as many tunnels as you like, on any number of SSH servers.

📢 Also, a tunnel can be bound to any number of Bonjour (Zeroconf) publication, to make your computer aware of the network service presence.

🔔 Best of all, triggers can be assigned to tunnels, allowing you to:
- Start an object (Application, document, alias, etc) upon tunnel completion,
- Start or / and Stop the tunnel when a given application starts,

🌅 Customized names can be assigned to each SSH hosts and tunnel, allowing the menu to be tweaked to your needs. Bonjour services can be tweaked as well to their best, including their text-record entry.

📺 Terminal users, you will also appreciate the option to bind any hotkey to SSH hosts, allowing you lightning-fast access to your terminal at any moment of your workflow.

📝 Additionnaly, we have added the option to create groups of tunnels. Those have two major advantages:
- The iDig menulet is always tidy! No messy list, just what you want to see, grouped the way you like!
- You can establish / terminate all the tunnels assigned to a single group with one single click.

🎯 Automatic system proxy configuration!
Wether your SSH tunnel acts as an HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS or RTSP proxy, you can tell iDig to automatically configure your system's preferences to set up the proxy! This is achieved by installing an additional free product available from our website.

🍎 iDig has been globally refactored to allow compilation for 32-bit architectures. iDig can even run on 32-bit 10.5 systems, hooray!

🔍 iDig now allows searching accross your Accounts, Tunnels etc...

💡 An Assistant drawer has been added to help you getting started with iDig.

🚥 A few aesthetic bugs have been fixed.

🇫🇷 iDig has been translated into French as well as into Spasnish!

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