iFamily for Leopard

Version: 2.532 || Release Date: 2012-01-26 || License: Commercial with demo (US$29.95) Developer: Warwick Wilson | App Owner: bbell

iFamily for Leopard is a genealogy application for people who think differently.

Whereas other genealogy software tends to emphasize the family unit, this software's focus is on each individual person. This distinction is subtle and is a feature of iFamily for Leopard. In iFamily for Leopard you can see at a glance whether an individual has more than 2 parents, more than 1 spouse or the number of siblings they had. Parent-child relationships may be natural (the default), step, adopted or foster relationships.

Designed to focus on each individual person rather than on each family unit, other features of the application include:

* easy to use intuitive interface

* displays multiple spouses and step children

* handles over 200 different text/image/audio/video file formats and includes its own photo cropping/editing function

* images may be added individually or in batches using drag/drop or cut/paste from iPhoto, folders or taken from a web page.

* navigation is simple and fast.

* a simple but very powerful search field is provided in the toolbar that provides searches on Name, ID, Title, Birth Date or Place, Cause of Death, Notes, Comments or more

* the interface is clean and neat but at the same time it is rich and easy to navigate.

* each data entry is saved immediately to the database file. If the power fails you will lose no more than the change you were making in the current data entry field.

* Gedcom import and export

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