Version: 3.0.1 || Release Date: 2011-09-17 || License: Shareware ($9.95) Developer: Ecamm Network | App Owner: pastahelmet

Adjust and manipulate your camera video settings from within iChat and many other programs, including Skype, iMovie, Photo Booth, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and EvoCam. iSight too dark? It just needs iGlasses. Apply easy preset settings and fun effects to your video conferences and recordings.

Rotate the picture from the iSight to be upside-down or sideways. Now you're free to mount your iSight anywhere you want, even sideways your display.

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5 Opinions

I agree with the others here that this is excellent SW, giving the iSight greatly expanded functionality. I especially appreciate being able to control brightness, but the fun stuff is a kick, of course. So far version 2 is very stable and elegant on OS X 10.4.10, but the price has jumped a few pennies from that quoted above - but still worth the cost.

A must-have for anyone with an iSight.

i just got an iSight and was looking into getting a Griffin SightLight. after reading many reviews trashing the SightLight (from actual day-to-day users), i found iGlasses, and i'm glad i did! bought it after using it for five minutes, and i was thrilled to see an update came out the next day. well worth the price. easy to use. if you have an iSight, get it! support this developer!!!

this is GREAT shareware
why the heck doesn't apple buy this developer out and include this simple, but highly useful, functionality?

A definite must have utility. Even better than a hardware solution like the Griffin Sight Light (which bites, IMHO). iGlasses provides several enhanced picture modes that actually work very well. An impressive and unobtrusive utility for anyone with an iSight!