Version: 2.0 alpha build 9 || Release Date: 2008-04-13 || License: Freeware Developer: bartek:bargiel | App Owner: weasel

Looking for a powerful GTD Mac organizer? Here it is!

What is it for?

You are a busy man, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done!

Organize your life by contexts.

Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

Organize your life by projects.

Some of your tasks are related to your life projects. If you're a student, divide your school tasks by subjects. If you're a developer, organize your tasks and ideas by your software projects. You can also treat projects as categories for your tasks.

You won't forget it if you drag it.

You can drag all your browser links or Finder files to iGTD window. New task will be added immediately - with an adequate link. Just click 'open' - and there you go!

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iGTD discontinued. His developer is now with Things developers.
Take a look at http://culturedcode.com/things/blog/2009/08/welcome-bartek-welcome-igtd-users.html

Not the prettiest, but fast and responsive. Extremely useful quick entry, and the iCal integration together with the Today app makes for a great combo.


It does not work for me. The iGTD.sql error comes up and nothing works. Contexts cannot even be created. I am using Leopard.

Developer's new URL:

@ captainbunny:
The download link from MacUpdate is still working.
Try from this page:

Website down. Nothing about the whereabouts of the app nor the developer.

I've tried iGTD but found it fussy and time consuming, not to mention pretty ugly. Have since been using Things, which I'd highly recommend.

I've been using iGTD for several months, and have used it consistently as soon as I got it to sync ok with my .mac account - even to my iPhone via iPhone IGTD. I don't sync it to iCal, though - that seems to corrupt my calendar. It isn't perfect, but I've found it a good fit with my GTD system. I hoping for realms and better iPhone compatibility in the upcoming new version.

After reading the GTD book, I immediately began a search for a Mac app to implement the methodology. I was initially taken with Midnight Beep's Inbox. Talk about a good looking app (Ditto for Cultured Code's "Things".) Although Inbox doesn't have the same beauty under the hood. I then tried iGTD and was immediately enjoying how easy it is to implement "GTD." The developer seems to update and fix bugs/issues on a weekly basis. So far, a very impressive program that gets better all the time.

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