Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2011-07-24 || License: Shareware (€20) Developer: ThinkMac Software | App Owner: thinkmac

Learn Japanese kanji characters

iKanji contains 2230 kanji, that includes Japanese school grade kanji up to level 6 and JLPT levels 1 to 4. In addition there are 214 kanji radicals. Nearly 20,000 example words are also provided in kanji and kana with their meaning in English.

The flash card module lets you quickly browse and search for kanji, shows you animated stroke animations for many kanji as well as readings, meanings and example words.

All kanji flash cards in iKanji are freely editable and you can easily add your own too if you want to practice additional kanji.

There are three multiple choice test modules, Kanji Meanings, Kanji Readings and Kanji Writing.

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