I Love Stars

Version: 4.4.1 || Release Date: 2012-06-22 || License: Shareware ($1.99) Developer: Karelia Software | App Owner: andykim

Rate your songs from the menubar.

From TUAW:

"This little app does two things very well. First, it displays your iTunes rating (from zero to five stars) in the menu bar for the song that is currently playing, and second, I Love Stars lets you change the rating. All this is done without having to flip between programs. Just glance at the menu bar to see the current rating, or drag across the stars to change your rating."

Minimum requirement: Mac OS X 10.5

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7 Opinions

If I Love Stars married RateMe, they would make a beautiful child.

I Love Stars has an awesome feature that allows you to hide the stars based on a customizable list of genres, e.g. hides stars while listening to an audiobook. I find this most useful.

However, RateMe has what it lacks, namely an autostart feature and playback controls.

So I'm really torn between the two. Can't there be a merger or something like the airlines do?

If you like this software you'll probably love Rate Me!, which has quick access to controls, playlists, genius and is even open source.

I love this app!

Perfect! A supremely simple way to rate the currently playing track.

<b>PLEASE</b> include that it's for <b>Leopard only</b>, when posting entries. It really saves time for those who are still using Tiger.

Perfect simple application. Use it!

It's totally exciting to finally see a replacement for iTunesRating!