Version: 1.5.6 || Release Date: 2015-05-04 || License: GPL Developer: porneL | App Owner: ohwhateverblah

Losslessly optimize PNG and JPEG images

Combines multiple open-source tools for image optimisation into one simple Cocoa GUI.

Images are optimized losslessly by finding best compression settings and removal of unnecessary information from files like comments and color profiles.

Takes advantage of 64-bit and multi-core CPUs.

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8 Opinions

Very useful software.

PNGs exported using Adobe Fireworks can be compresses further using ImageOptim.

Webdevelopers plz use this it can save lots of bandwith

Very cool, best tool for the job.

Great thing!

the best optimization program out there. Supports all optimization tools that I know of and you can configure it unlike other solutions. Highly recommended!

Love the icon ;-)

This program is awesome for one-stop image compressing. Anybody saving files for the web should use it.