Image Resizer

Version: 0.9.2 || Release Date: 2009-04-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: wernstrum

batch photo / image resizing

OSX Image Resizer is a completely free cocoa application for batch photo / image resizing built upon OSX for Apple's iMac, Mac Book or Mac Pro. Simply download, install and resize your images ready for emailing, burning to a CD or even for uploading to a website such as eBay.

OSX Image Resizer is simple and easy to use - simply drag your images or folders of images onto the application icon in your dock bar, set your options and whack convert. At the last check, a 2.4Ghz Dual Core MacBook (4Gb Ram) converts approximately 300× 10MP images (approx 1.2GB of images) in around 3 minutes 30 seconds on an external USB drive.


It's quite hard to write a comprehensive feature list - the software really just does what it says on the tin. It provides a quick and easy method for resizing a large number of images with just a few clicks. You can resize all of your images to a fixed with or height (maintaining aspect ratio), or you can resize your images so that they all fit within a certain sized box (without distorting the image). You can also force ugly resizing if you so wish.

OSX Image Resizer will load files in the following formats;

PSD (Not Tested)

However, at present OSX Image Resizer will only output resized files in the following formats;


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2 Opinions

Running 10.6.2 this did just what I needed to where many others failed. Support for various file formats, quick and easy to use with quite a few features. Highly recommend.

Version 0.9.2 doesn't appear to work on this old PowerPC G4, running 10.4.11. I couldn't see any minimum specification mentioned on the application's website.