Version: 3.7.6 || Release Date: 2010-03-21 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: XtraLean Software | App Owner: arne

Edit images or make screen shots and send to the web.

ImageWell is the easy way to edit, rotate, crop and resize your image or screenshot and upload it to your iDisk (.mac account), FTP, WebDAV server or flickr, SmugMug or ImageShack. No need to launch multiple applications to add text, labels, drop shadows and shapes. At the click of button the image is sent and a handy URL is copied to the clipboard.

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I agree with the consensus. Skitch has overshadowed this app with its simplicity and fun. Version 3 of ImageWell made things more complex. I used to use it mainly for quick drop shadows, and the new version dropped the "Add drop shadow" from the menu and made it a manual process.

When I voiced my displeasure about this to the developer, the answer was NSFW, to say the least. Version 3 also did more than add features to the paid version. It took features away from the free version.

I keep version 2 on hand as a "just in case" application.

Unfortunately, not freeware anymore.
(Although 20 dollars is not too expensive for what it does...)

Why can't it handle a width over 2000 pixels???

I have used version 2 for a long time. It was an essential for me.
Version 3 spoiled the experience completely. I am still using version 2. Right now, I am testing skitch, which might become the successor to ImageWell.

Incredibly clever. Pity it doesn't have the Photoshop "Save for Web" command which is just about all I open Photoshop for....

And OMG, why can't they make it less ugly?

An excellent photo editor which I use predominantly to resize images for the web. It does the simple things very well and it saves me opening up Photoshop. You can also crop, watermark, add text and edit your photos or use it as a screen grab tool.

A great timesaver and very easy to use.

A blogger's dream... it's a little awkward but definitely very powerful for its minimalist interface.

this is a tool and a half....

its a little app! Fast, doesn't use much RAM ( CPU ), however, it only has little features. I mostly use it for uploading and watermarking my images. I am running it on Intel, and it works great! You should check this out, but i'd recommed Gimp more.

Brilliant app but it really needs a better icon.

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