Version: 0.06 || Release Date: 2008-01-24 || License: BSD License Developer: Arne & Marcus | App Owner: marcus

The profile maker is a tool to help you build your profile on iusethis, and to keep your machine in sync with the profile. When you run it, it will send a list for your installed applications to our server, and then allow you various ways to view the profile data, download apps you are missing, or mark apps you are using.

Thanks to Rob Mientjes for making the icon!

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nice app. but i have a problem with it, in my application folder are about 464 entries, but imakeprofile only transfer 303 of them.
it would be nice if the program mark the apps/folders which it imported in a colour, or at least mark those which it not can get identified or submitted (or at least make a textfile with those file names).
otherwise thanks for your great work!

Seconded. I only very rarely install apps to my Applications folder, partly because I try to avoid using the Administrator password, and partly because I'm an obsessive cataloguer.

Would be nice if it would search other folders, or if I could tell it where else to search. Very helpful app though. I had not felt like going through and adding all of my apps before. I think many more people will contribute with this, I will also be telling more people about the site. It was dugg the other day.


The app fails silently if there's no /Users/<username>/Library/PreferencePanes directory...only found out the problem through the terminal

Boom. Fast, easy. It's like having a bunch of little iusethis lackeys right in my Mac waiting to do dirty work.

sorry about that. all fixed :)

It currently doesn't search the utilities folder

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