Version: 0.06 || Release Date: 2008-01-24 || License: BSD License Developer: Arne & Marcus | App Owner: marcus

The profile maker is a tool to help you build your profile on iusethis, and to keep your machine in sync with the profile. When you run it, it will send a list for your installed applications to our server, and then allow you various ways to view the profile data, download apps you are missing, or mark apps you are using.

Thanks to Rob Mientjes for making the icon!

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Tried this, got error message "Unable to send profile to server"

@rayquaza11 you'd use this instead of appfresh, not in addition to it.

Is there any reason to use this in addition to appfresh or this website?

It would be nice if there was the option to upload all found apps et al as 'I use this', then allowing the user to turn off those that are not used.

@saraean : buy a mac instead ;)

@bhludlow , the profile builder just lists the apps on your machine, you still need to press the iusethis button for the ones you want on your profile page.

A couple of apps I don't have on my computer and have never heard of came up... kinda odd, but all the rest were correct.

i used this and it appeared that all my applications were listed, but when I later clicked on my profile, only appfresh was there. Did I miss something?

that is how it is supposed to work. After that, it should open a browser window for you where the actually interface of the application is, and it shows you the apps you have on your computer, tho.

hm, buggy?
not even launched, just bounced in dock fewtimes and died

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