Version: 10.0.3 || Release Date: 2014-04-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.99) App Owner: harrybest

iMovie ’08 makes viewing and working with video as intuitive as enjoying your photos. A built-in library automatically organizes your video, so all the clips you’ve captured and movies you’ve created are just a click away. With its revolutionary interface, iMovie makes it quick and easy to browse your library and create new movies. And iMovie is built for sharing. In just a few steps, you can add movies to your website, publish them on YouTube, and create versions for iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

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I'm so unhappy with Apple and iMovie 08. It has no relationship to iMovie HD in workflow or UI. I really liked iMovie HD, and have had many issues trying to open older iMovie projects in this latest version. It's the exact opposite of easy to use that prior versions used to be. It feels like an expensive slap in the face aimed at getting one to migrate to their pro app(s). I hope that Apple fixes this app in another release, or they will have effectively killed off what was once a very useful tool. It's only improvements are things like the easy export to YouTube - but if you can't figure out how to edit a simple movie, then what's the use? :'(

wicked program. I mainly use this to create remouthed parodies. I convert a DVD like Harry Potter in HandBreak, import it into iMove '08 to cut the scenes I want and insert transition, and then import it into GarageBand to put effects and voice in. Perfect for what I need. Completely different to iMovie HD ('05.) Takes some getting used to. However, is it just me, or can't you record audio like you used to be able to do?

No, no... I had submitted 7.0 on the 19th (or around then), but it didn't give me an option to revise the release date. Just stuck 8/19 in there.
I found out later that you could edit the date after the fact, so it's fixed now (if you were to look at the previous versions).

They just released the 7.0.1 update yesterday, the 22nd.

release date was 2007-08-07