iMovie HD

Version: 6.03 || Release Date: 2007-09-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($79) Developer: Apple | App Owner: sagefool

Riveting performances. Major effects. Inspired directing. Amazing how iMovie has changed the way people look at home movies. Now, with more cinematic tools to offer, iMovie makes you even more comfortable in the director's chair. And the editor's chair. And the special effects guy's chair. And, well, you get the idea. iMovie is the fastest and easiest way to turn home movies into dazzling Hollywood-style hits.

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6 Opinions

Along the same lines at mattprice's comment... I started a page for iMovie 7.0 to try and promote the view that these are two different programs. (

Technically, I think they're two separate programs. As Apple is giving away iMovie HD (iMovie 6) for free with iLife '08, I think they should keep the programs as two different ones: iMovie, and iMovie HD.

But that's just my opinion.

I'm thinking the name should change from iMovie HD to just iMovie. At least that's what Apple seems to have done.

Brilliant Timelapse feature in the latest versions. Also has timestamp functionality and works pretty well if you don't have the money for Final Cut Express HD.

I use it on a G4 just fine.

I can't believe how slow it is to create a video on my G4.
Runs fine on a G5.
Oh well.