Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-10-06 || License: Shareware (Unknown) App Owner: powerocool

iMsafe backs up data stored in your home folder to any mounted OS X volume. You can run backups from within iMsafe or schedule your backup to occur every day, on weekdays or on a specific day of the week. And you can create as many backup tasks as you like, so the possibilities are unlimited. Backups will run in the background. And when a backup occurs, it won't interfere with running applications.

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4 Opinions

Really nice program - used version 1 until this came out. But $39 bucks???? Sorry.

It may not be freeware, but it leaves whatever in an open format and I already saved mail, photos and music from a hard drive crash because of it, so I keep on enjoying it's company :-)

It's free for now as it's still a beta, but will expire September 2007.

From all that I gather, this isn't freeware.