Version: 3.4 || Release Date: 2014-05-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($6.99) Developer: InerziaSoft | App Owner: inerziasoft

Catalog, manage and edit icons on your Mac!

Do you love icons as much we do? Then you will love InerziaIcon! InerziaIcon is the iTunes for your icons: you can collect applications, files and icons (ICNS and ICO) and you can even edit them, using more than 25 Core Image effects. You won't miss an icon anymore, with our software.

InerziaIcon is built from the ground to be exactly like iTunes: if you can organize your music, why can't you organize your icons? Add the icons to your library with just a drag and drop and group them in collections (or Smart collections). Attach them information about their name, author, pack, genre and organize them for tags. With InerziaIcon, managing your icons has never been so easy.
In addition, InerziaIcon gives you a lot of tools to edit your icons: based on the robust Core Image framework, the Edit mode is available for every Apple Icon you add to the library and let you apply more than 25 effects, such as Color Invert, Monochrome, Posterize, Gaussian Blur etc...

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