Version: 0.48.1 || Release Date: 2011-01-28 || License: GPL App Owner: nik

Great Open Source SVG editor!

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Inkscape is (in my opinion) the best vector graphics editor ever. Was using it under linux since early versions but moved to mac a few years later. Still using it on mac despite its shortcomings on that platform. Hope these will be solved in future releases.

I designed a fair share of pretty big commercial websites with it. Great for design AND slicing :-)

Really good open source alternative to Illustrator.

I am having an issue getting this to recognize and open .cdr files; which is the sole reason I downloaded the app. :) any hints or tips?

I'd LOVE it, if it was more stable. It seems to crash a whole lot. Save very often and you'll be happier.

To have effects, please use Inkscape-Python_Packages*.dmg from

We'll try to improve the look of next version to feel a little more mac like (even if it will still be X11) and would very much appreciate help to get Inkscape running without X11 on the mac.
Other than that, my opinion on Inkscape is that it beats everything else in terms of usability/user interface: you get things done in Inkscape in half the time you would have in Illustrator or other similar software. I just love it.

This is all I need for making vector graphics. It's X11 and doesn't look as good as Lineform or Intaglio, but for the occasional user, it's sufficient.

Fantastic SVG editor, even if it has to run under X11.