Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-13 || License: Freeware Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: marcus

Search-as-you-type tool.

Inquisitor lets you search the web effortlessly. Search results stream in as you type, letting you easily and instantly refine your search. You might even find the answer before you think you've asked the question.

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Nice, but I hate how it hijacks the ⌘↵ key combination so that MegaZoomer no longer works.


This has now been removed (well it can be turned off, though by default it's still on):

I've no problem with Inquisitor employing affiliate links where a Google search result points to Amazon, for example, but I'm not okay with it manipulating search results such that the affiliate links are shown ahead of the top Google hits. Uninstalled it for that reason.

Let´s face it, Inquisitor is a great enhancement for Safari. It is also freeware. It is in my interest for the developer to continue to update and enhance the app. I do not really care whether the app points to any affiliate links or not. If this generates a little income for Inquisitor´s developer to facilitate further development then I´m all for it.

Beware: The developer inserts affiliate links into your search results without you knowing. A shady practice at the very least, because it's all done transparently.

More info and proof here: <a href=""></a>

An invaluable tool for doing quick searches and with just a few key presses. I use Inquisitor many times a day and couldn't do without it now. It's unfortunate that Apple haven't either rolled out their own version or done the right thing and made a plug-in architecture and bundled this with it.

With Leopard, Apple are tightening up on the misuse and potential abuse of InputManagers, this has meant that Inquisitor now requires admin rights to be installed in /Library/InputManagers
Allan Odgaard writes about the change:

Worse is that new major features (and WebKit upgrades) have always been held back for major releases of OS X. So it will probably be another 2 years before OS X 10.6 will remove InputManagers altogether, hopefully before then Apple will have done right.

bradbeattie: It's because of Apple's changes with Input Managers. I think, from Leopard and on, the only allowed Input Managers are those approved by the administrator.

Seems like the latest version is asking for admin access to install. Ugh. I guess I'll stop using this. Shame, I really liked it.

Awesome usability improvement, but on a super-fast connection it can make 20+ requests/second to Google, leading to Google flagging your IP as a robot. I used this at work one day and everyone in the company had to type in captchas (squiggly text codes) every time they searched. Eventually the IT police tracked me down...

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