Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-13 || License: Freeware Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: marcus

Search-as-you-type tool.

Inquisitor lets you search the web effortlessly. Search results stream in as you type, letting you easily and instantly refine your search. You might even find the answer before you think you've asked the question.

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New version of Safari already has this function. It's not as pretty as Inquisitor but having less plugins in Safari means more stability.

Does it work for other web browzers such as Firefox?


I just got a brand new MacBook Pro 2008 (gloating). and since it could not be any newer decided to try out Inquisitor 3.2 (56) again. Sure enough... its broken beyond hell and will not accept any search engine other then Yahoo! for the completion list.

However... the good news is that on build 58.... other search engines do work. Go Figure!!!!

So... for those of you with this problem.. simply update to 3.2. (58) and all will be okay.


Recently Inquisitor has started to freeze safari completely after a few searches. It doesn't just freeze, becuase before this happens Safari is extremely slow as well. It did it so much that I had to switch back to Firefox as Safari would effectively become unusable.
After looking up "inquisitor freezes safari" in google, I found that LOTS of people have this problem and they all had Inquisitor installed.
I have since completely uninstalled it and Safari is lightning fast again :D

I am going to switch to either AcidSearch or Glims now.

P.S. To uninstall this completely, you have to trash the following:

Inquisitor.bundle (in Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor/)
Inquisitor folder (in "user=you"/Library/Application Support/)
inquisitor.pkg (in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitorPreflight.pkg (also in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitor folder (in Library/InputManagers/)

I have replaced this + Saft with Glims. So much happier.

I'm a little skeptical about the Yahoo-thing as well (though I'm "happy" for the author), but I DO get suggestions for Google as I did before.

Nothing suspicous so far, still works like a charm.

Using latest version and I've changed my search to Google and I get site suggestions fine. David Watanabe has stated that no crippling will be done for non-Yahoo search engines.

I recently did an update of Inquisitor... and I too suffered from the non-Yahoo! crippling. I am 1000% offended by the mis-trust. So until they correct this I will NOT use this product. Good Going Yahoo! - what a way to slap us in the face.

new version tries to phone home after installing process finishes

Avoid. Keeps a cache of icons at ~/user/application support/inquisitor. Essentially makes your search history visible to anyone using spotlight. Try out Glims. It's more customisable and doesn't appear leave files on your system either.

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