Version: 0.9.15 || Release Date: 2013-05-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Klaus Boldt | App Owner: klausboldt

Insensitive simulates the NMR experiment for educational purposes

When learning or teaching the physics behind the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiment one has to deal with several quantum mechanical models that become more and more abstract as the scholar advances in the subject. Most classes start with the relatively simple vector model, which inevitably fails with the simplest two-dimensional techniques like COSY. A more complete model is the product operator formalism, which in turn is based on the density matrix approach of statistical quantum mechanics.

This software simulates the NMR experiment by visualizing all three models mentioned above. The user can interact with every step of the spectrum from the first pulse to the phase correction of the acquired spectrum after Fourier transformation.

Insensitive (Incredible Nuclear Spin EvolutioN SImulation Tool Intended for Visual Education) comes with a tutorial that explains the concepts of modern NMR and includes a step-by-step analysis of many pulse programmes. It focuses on the visualization of textbook NMR theory and is intended for education or self education in NMR at an intermediate level. It does not teach how to interpret spectra, and it does not try to teach or implement state-of-the-art simulation algorithms. A basic understanding of quantum mechanics (or the willingness to tackle the field) is recommended.

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