InstaDesk - The Best Mac App for Instagram!

Version: 2.3.6 || Release Date: 2014-05-14 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: Benedikt Terhechte | App Owner: elvasun

The BEST Instagram Client for your Mac 

View, like, comment, download and share your and your friends’ Instagram pictures on your Mac!!!! And there are even more features!

Of all Mac clients, Instagram allows you to use the most features of Instagram on your Mac and even exceeds instagram’s functionality.

"InstaDesk provides a slick, simple, desktop way to view and appreciate the photos of others." 

Instagram features: 
Know what your friends are up to
View your friend’s feed, pictures, comments, profiles and followers

React to your friends posts
Comment and like pictures
Share pictures on Facebook, Twitter and per Email

Save pictures
Download pictures easily through drag and drop
Save beautiful pictures in albums 
Or Sync your images automatically to a folder 

Receive News and Notifications
See when you get new comments, likes, or followers

Administrate your circle of friends
Follow and unfollow people, also mass operations for multiple at once
See friendship requests and allow or deny them 

Search tags, save favorite tags, see related tags 

 ***** NO PICTURE UPLOAD POSSIBLE because it is forbidden by Instagram**** 
(only the iphone app allows you to upload pictures)


Extra features
- Select Favorite Friends
Your news feed is to cluttered? Manage huge amounts of followers by picking 'Favorite Friends', close friends whose updates you want to see immediately 

Slide Shows
View pictures in beautiful slide shows

Support for multiple users
Just switch to a different user easily

See a huge amount of images at the same time
Automatically load many images up front to sort or search them 

Fasttrack liking
Quickly like an image by hovering over it and clicking a small heart icon. There is no need to open each image individually

-Different view modes
See pictures just as you need them: small icons, medium icons, feed or detailed view

"With slick animations throughout, comment intergration and more, Instadesk is a fine addition to your Mac software collection." 

"Overall, this application is gorgeous, and I can’t wait until Instagram changes their policy so I can actually upload photos from my Mac!" 

"Instadesk provides a nice way to browse Instagram from your Mac." 

*** Thank you for the great reviews and comments all over the web !!! *** 

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Very nice. I like it.