Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2008-04-11 || License: Shareware ($15) Developer: ThinkMac Software | App Owner: thinkmac

InstantGallery lets you quickly and easily build web galleries and see the results instantly. The output is nice clean XHTML and CSS. A number of cool, professionally designed themes are included.

You can easily add watermarks to your images, add drop shadows and other effects to thumbnails, and even include live searching with no need for server side scripting.

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2 Opinions

No fuzz, just get me those images on line.
InstantGallery definitely has a fitting name. This app gets your images on line in a very, very fast way. Create online galleries in no time with this great application. Oh, and did I mention you can win one of ten licenses for this app? Yup, come get some!

i really like this program. elegant, easy to use, and the output is nice, clean XHTML and CSS, a rarity for GUI web applications. the developer is also very responsive to suggestions and maintains an active forum. more features are always being planned, though the dev is sensitive to feature bloat. well worth the price.