Version: 3.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-09-11 || License: Commercial with demo (US$ 89) App Owner: purgatory_design

Intaglio is traditional Mac drawing with the power of Mac OS X.
Since the early days of MacDraw, Macintosh has always had powerful and easy to use drawing software. With the introduction of Mac OS X, the graphics capabilities of the Mac expanded considerably. Intaglio carries the legacy of MacDraw into the modern Macintosh world by combining ease of use with the power of Mac OS X graphics. Intaglio retains the feel of MacDraw while harnessing the full capabilities of Quartz and CoreImage. Old timers soon feel right at home and those new to Mac drawing pick it up quickly.

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4 Opinions

Nice and easy app. The icons in the tool bar are horrible though. Not very Mac-like.
But other than that, does the job and does it good.
I got that app from a Macupdate promo and I'm very happy with it (except for the appearance)

I seldom use vector graphics, but when I do I used Inkscape (free, requires X11). But since I got Intaglio with the macupdate-promo, I must say this feels really much more Mac-like. I like it!

It seems that the Mac has a number of nice graphic programs and I had a hard time settling on Intaglio. However I've been really pleased with this very clear, intuitive and capable program. I'm not an experienced Illustrator user but when I needed to go into it recently to do something in particular, I found I'd really been spoiled by Intaglio and found Illustrator nothing but an overcomplicated mess where I couldn't find how to do the simpliest things.
Thank goodness for Intalgio. It really lives up to how a Macintosh program should be.

Very capable vector editor at first glance. Could it really be so that I could ditch Illustrator soon...?