IntelliJ IDEA

Version: 12.1.4 || Release Date: 2013-06-10 || License: Commercial with demo (499) App Owner: spullara

IntelliJ® IDEA is an intelligent Java IDE intensely focused on developer productivity.
It provides a robust combination of enhanced development tools, including refactoring, J2EE support, Ant, JUnit, and version controls integration. Packaged with an intelligent Java editor, coding assistance and advanced code automation tools, IntelliJ IDEA enables Java programmers to boost their productivity while reducing routine time consuming tasks.

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If you run it on JDK 6 IMO it's even smoother: see

Good news, there are a Community Edition:

@bioinfoguy -- A little late, I know, but I wasn't indicating that there's some problem with the program. It was a stupid self-deprecating way of saying "I live and breathe with this program on a daily basis." Thankfully it has pretty much always run perfectly and snappily on OSX, even before it had a native app.

I'm interested in a little follow-up on the posts here. I've been a professional Java developer for a number of years now and have bounced back and forth between Idea, Netbeans and recently MyEclipse. Most of that time, I've been able to develop in Linux and haven't used a mac since the early 90s.

But, I'm starting my own company and want to give my developers MacBook Pros as I'm convinced that OSX is the best developer environment out there only if I can run Idea because of what I believe are its clear advantages (on average) over other similar IDEs.

So, the question is this: Does the negative feedback (sentience & primitiveworker) arise from poor run-time performance on OSX or simply to non-conformance to common Mac UI idioms? I realize it takes many of its UI L&F cues from windows.

Sad as this situation is, I can't live without IntelliJ IDEA + IDEAVim.

I wouldn't recommend "lean and mean" text editors like TextMate and BBEdit as alternatives to full-fledged IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA. For hard-core developers that can truly benefit from an integrated code/test/build/debug environment, there is no substitute for the rich refactoring and static analysis features of a tool like this.

That said, there is definitely room for improvement on the performance front, and the cross-platform UI certainly isn't very "Mac-like".

This sucker is bloated, cluttered, and uses the Java runtime. I know lots of Java devs that live and die by this app in Windows and Linux, but Mac users might want to look elsewhere (TextMate, BBEdit, etc...). If you want a poster child on how not to make a Mac app, this is it.