Version: 5.1.2 || Release Date: 2009-05-04 || License: Commercial with demo ($495) Developer: Dartware, LLC | App Owner: bfish

InterMapper monitors everything on your network, alerting you if problems arise.

With InterMapper, network managers get complete visibility of their network, no matter how small and centralized or large and distributed. Live maps give a visual, real-time view of traffic flows through and between network elements and links. Status Windows and Strip Charts provide easy access to critical network data (traffic, errors, utilization and outage information) simplifying problem diagnosis and device maintenance.

InterMapper shows you potential network problems -- often before users and customers suffer downtime or poor performance. SNMP and ping probes discover and query elements across your distributed network - whether it spans several rooms, a building, an office park, or distributed locations. Synthetic transactions test critical applications and alert you to email, web, or directory server problems.

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