Version: 3.0.6 || Release Date: 2008-11-04 || License: Commercial with demo (79EUR) App Owner: snowdrop

Invoice is a simple invoice application for Mac.

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Invoy is much easier of course. Because you can't do almost nothing with invoy :-)

Invoy, its much more easier to use if your own a small business or you work as a freelancer. I start using and i love it @

Loved this program the second I opened it. Very handy and easy to use. And boy are the people from kedisoft ever so helpful. They´ve been emailing back in a matter of minutes and those guys definitely make sure you´re all set and satisfied.
Have I already mentioned how much I LOVE that program :)

Billings2 is to complicated and does not have a sku management and a simple layout designer like in Invoice2. I tried Billings2 and it crashed on my machine.

Billings2 is much better and costs 55 euros

i like this soft and the service of kedisoft is perfect. I payed even more then $49 but it does what i need.

Kedisoft reduced the price for Invoice2. $49 is imho an acceptable price for the software.

Looks nice but they need to cut the price to half in order for me to consider it. Thats just way too much.

Well, good to see there's some competition for Billable, which I use, and bought for Child's Play charity. The screenshots all look like features Billable has or should have soon.

I agree - there are tools which do the same or a bit less for quite smaller price tag or even for free.

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