Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-13 || License: Commercial with demo (10.00) Developer: 24x7digital | App Owner: 24x7digital

iPhone/iPad Simulator Screenshots and Compositing

iPhoneScreenGrabber 2.1 with iPhone and iPad screenshot support, and NEW artwork composition! Save time and avoid artwork errors with this easy to use developer utility.

iPhoneScreenGrabber is a Mac OS X development tool to easily grab and save high-quality LZW-compressed TIFF, PNG, and JPEG screenshots from the iPhone SDK's iPhone Simulator. Although there are many techniques to grab screenshots from your iPhone/iPad, you can simplify your workflow by using iPhoneScreenGrabber to take perfectly cropped screenshots which are ready for upload to the iTunesConnect App Store backend. iPhoneScreenGrabber also includes a magical compositing feature to automatically format screenshots to match Apple's artwork guidelines, which includes the light mirrored reflection effect for landscape screenshot images.

iPhoneScreenGrabber is completely FREE to try out, and just $10 to purchase a license. Registration of a valid license will remove the watermark from all screenshots. Thanks for your support!

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