Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2007-08-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Marketcircle | App Owner: mikesolis

iPhoney is not an iPhone simulator but instead is designed for web developers who want to create 320 by 480 (or 480 by 320) websites for use with iPhone. It gives you a canvas on which to test the visual quality of your designs.

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The iPhone Simulator in the developertools is far better. It renders exactly like the iPhone. Grr, the iPhone renders pages like a desktop browser but it supoports a lot of extra functinallity that is impossible to test for in the dektop WebKit / Safari applications.

iPhoney doesn't behave like iPhone's Safari in that (even when user agent is set to iPhone) the fixed attribute is respected, unlike iPhones. There is an iPhone bug ID# 5325294 lodged in the hope Apple will fix this.

so what, not everyone watches those videos. arrogant, tsss.
grr: its for applications for the iphone, which can/have to be coded like websites

Not to be a troll, but wasn't the point of the iPhone that it did not need cell phone sites, but that it could surf the web as desktops?