iPhoto Diet

Version: 3.1 || Release Date: 2007-03-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Martin Fuhrer | App Owner: godbout

iPhoto Diet is a utility that helps to slim down your iPhoto library by manipulating your photos in the following ways:

* eliminate duplicate photos created internally by iPhoto or imported by yourself
* remove iPhoto's backups of rotated or modified photos
* strip the thumbnail icons of your photos
* remove thumbnail photos that have become mixed up with your high resolution photos
* identify photos which have not been added to albums
* weed out unnecessary folders and files from the library
* and more!

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5 Opinions

I run this app every couple of months and smile at the saved disk space. I have to say I find all the checkboxes and whatnot a tad confusing. Perhaps would be a greater asset if it were built as an actual plugin to iPhoto (if that is indeed possible), or maybe Apple will have the foresight to have a 'keep unmodifed originals' option in the next version of iPhoto..

Unfortunately it lacks the one feature I do need... purge missing referenced files from the library. Hopefully iPhoto 7 has some proper housekeeping actions.

It now works with with iPhoto 6, as of version 3.1 (Sept '06).

Anything like this for iPhoto 6 then?

Be careful! It doesn't work with iPhoto 6.