Version: 2.5.9 || Release Date: 2006-02-19 || License: Shareware (19) App Owner: chrislong

Media manager for your PSP/PlayStation Portable. Encode and transfer video, transfer iPhoto, iTunes, Bookmarks, backup and restore gamesaves, transfer documents and pdf's to and from your PSP.

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iPSP seemed like a promising program full of features, however this program should come with a huge BUYER BEWARE all over the website!

unfortunately the program has not worked, and i have spoken to several other people who have had same results (or rather lack of)

music and videos, the dev site "PSP is the most complete, but easy to use app for video on Mac OS X" however it is far from complete and easy, unless they mean "IT WONT WORK"

because unfortunatly i only been able to update photos. Music and Videos do not upload (only a folder on the memory card is created)

i have send 3 emails and 1 form (from their site) requesting help. it has been 2 weeks since i sent those emails (i had bought the software 2 weeks ago, and have never had any success)

i find this absolutely pathetic, that a company will not even answer (not even a "were really busy we will try and email you soon)

i have had no reply for support, and probably no chance of getting a refund on a peice of software that does nothing for me.

u urge extreme caution when dealing with this dev (RnSK Software), and this sofware (iPSP)

as for my future, i will buy or endorse this dev again!)

ps: i wrote this as a review as it is exactly that, the program fails to work, except show you a nice GUI interface.

PPS : i was using the latest version 3.1 on OS X 10.5 (the only os x versions supported)

I too have had a terrible time trying to get my key to work. I have emailed three times and no response. I paid but got nothing in return. Love the app, but you can't unlock it. Please avoid.

I actually like this app but the developers have ignored the last 8 support emails I sent asking for assistance with why my key won't work.

For that reason I'd recommend that anyone avoid this app like the plague.

This is just AWFUL. Sorry but it is.
Use iSquint, use Instant Handbrake,
use anything else.
Save yourself the pain.