Version: 1.80 || Release Date: 2008-03-13 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.99) Developer: Pretty Good Software | App Owner: jailerjoe

iRatchet version 1.77 contains the following fixes/enhancements:
Improved Leopard Compatability.
Reworked formatters (currency/percent) to leverage Leopard improvements.
Leverage CalCore for iCal integration on Leopard.
Various other fixes/enhancements.
Please Restart iRatchet after Updating!

iRatchet is an Invoicing and Billing application written in Objective-C/Cocoa. iRatchet provides the features and functionality common to billing and invoicing apps, (tracking hourly and fixed entries, multiple clients/projects, timers, pdf output, emailing of invoices, etc.), it excells in workflow, mileage tracking, web integration and ease-of-use.


• Address Book Integration.
• iCal Integration.
• Spotlight Integration.
• Invoice/Report generation.
• Simple and intuitive Invoice customization.
• Flexible workflow choices.
• Invoice compositing
• Mileage tracking / reporting.
• Robust tax support
• International formatting
• .Mac and local backup
• Much, much more!

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1 Opinion

I tested a bunch of these type apps and decided on iRatchet. It just seemed the most customizable and the workflow really made sense to me. I'm not sure where the price comes from, it's actually $39.99. This software is also marketed by as MacFreelance. I bought directly from PGS because I like supporting developers directly, but that's just me.

A very nice program.

BTW, the keywords for this app suck. They need to include: time, billing, invoice, etc.