Version: 4.0a5 || Release Date: 2009-07-02 || License: Shareware (22.50 $) Developer: Onno Tijdgat | App Owner: marcus

rcle is a Macintosh (only!) program to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat). IRC enables you to talk with typed messages, in realtime, to other Internet users around the world. IRC is organized in channels on a specific topic. You can also talk privately with someone. On average there are 100,000 users and 10,000 channels online on the big IRC networks.

Ircle allows you to connect to up to 10 networks at the same time. Each connection can have 10 channels. You can also exchange files with others, also with PC or Unix users. With Quicktime and a camera or microphone installed you can even send live audio and video to other ircle users.

Ircle is a shareware program. It has a 30 day evaluation period. If you like it, you have to pay shareware fee, and get free updates and support. Ircle is fully functional during the evaluation period.

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