Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2011-08-31 || License: Commercial with demo ($15.00) Developer: tin:b Software | App Owner: screen

iRed2 is the ultimately flexible remote control - use it on your Mac or on your iPhone!

  • Control iTunes from your mobile device - best from the iPhone or iPod touch!
  • Control your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation using your iPhone or an Apple Remote
  • Control your HiFi, Video, DVD, whatever, by infrared from your Mac (*)
  • Create your own remote controls with iRed's graphical editor or browse iRed's online repository to see what other users have designed
  • Use iRed's built-in timers and global shortcut features to control your Mac or schedule recordings
    • Transmission of infrared (IR) codes requires an IRTrans USB or LAN module.
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