Version: 1.0.8 || Release Date: 2008-09-04 || License: Shareware ($30) Developer: MildMannered Industries | App Owner: factoryjoe

Do more cool stuff with your iSight.

Iris lets you do more stuff with your iSight.

  • Take Snapshots
  • Make Movies
  • Record TimeLapse Movies
  • Detect unwelcome visitors, with Motion Detection, and Email Alerting
  • Broadcast your video over the web, with Iris's built in WebCam
  • Browse your snapshots and movies in Iris's built-in Gallery. Send them by email, upload them to Flickr, or export them to view on your iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone.

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This is abandonware. There have not been updates on this application in a LONG time, despite it's imperfections. The security feature in particular is NOT reliable: often crashing the application with no way of rebooting when away from the computer (which is the whole point of security... reliability!)


meme, 8 years ago (score: 1)

You don't even need this application.
If you want to take a picture with iSight, you can just use "photoBooth".
If you want to record a motion picture with iSight, you can do that with "QuickTime".

Version 1.0 has just been released and the price is $30.
So, Iris is not freeware anymore.

@ ialaddin:
Iris is currently public beta. It will remain free while in beta. After that it will be shareware.

I dont know how much limitations it has, but it does have "unregistered" on the bottom of the window. so how is this freeware ?