Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2008-10-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Damaged | App Owner: ninjabong

submit your music listening habits to

An alternative to the bloat-ware that is the "official" client.


  • Integrated iPod support.
  • Local Scrobble lists and profile charts.
  • Minimal or full detail interface - your choice.
  • Stable and lightweight.
  • Lots of other goodies.

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Would be very nice if the Growl notification for a new track displayed the track image... :)
See track.getInfo Web Service –
(Preferably large size, to use it in the 'music video' style notification.)
PS: I don't know if it is required, but I wouldn't mind entering an api key in order to enable such a feature.

Awesome app

I've had troubles with scrobbling my iPod touch songs. "No iPod playlists" or something to that effect. Otherwise I love it, I just wish it'd scrobble my iPod stuff

Radio isn't working in 10.6, not sure if it's 10.6 related though.

SnowLeo Compatible (64bit)

News: has released Boffin (tech demo) an app that scans and shows the tag cloud of your local music.
(Blog article)

I'm having trouble with the ipod scrobbling. Also, it would be amazing if the app had artwork look-up.

For those using Windows, there's a plugin for foobar2000 that does roughly the same: foo_lastfm_radio.

This means you get with global hotkeys (eg: 'next track', 'pause'), DSP filters, lyrics display, etc.

Excellent little App! Great Work!

I use iScrobbler mainly to submit tracks that I've listened to on my iPod, and I've found that the 2.0 versions are unreliable for this so I've stuck with version 1.5. Version 1.5 does everything I need.

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