Version: 1.88 || Release Date: 2011-04-06 || License: Commercial with demo ($20 USD) Developer: shinywhitebox ltd | App Owner: scornflake

iShowU allows you to capture and record anything you can see on your screen, along with audio from any compatible source. Ever been in the situation where you wanted to show someone what was going on, but couldn't? Either the person is not right next to you, not around, in another country (the list goes on). Now just record what you're doing and what you want to say, and stick it in an email!

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$20 is a steal for this app. it's extremely simple to use, has great output, and tons of options for those who love to tweak settings.


I think what you're looking for is Chatter. It's from the same guys that made iShowU, so you can find all about it on their site.

Hey guys, I hope you can help me out. I'm looking for a program that will allow me to turn my desktop (all or just a portion of it) into a virtual camera driver that I can use in a video conferencing software. In this case, I would be able to choose an available "virtual webcam" other than my built-in iSight and it would stream my desktop or a window of interest.

I'm sure that there will be issues regarding limitations from the conferencing software itself in terms of frame rate and supported resolution, but we are looking into an open-source solution that may allow us to reduce the frame-rate and increase resolution.

I've done a lot of looking around for a solution to this, but no dice. I have a copy of Snapz Pro X that came with Macheist, but I don't think it can do this. Perhaps iShowU could do the trick?

Any advice would be much appreciated and if I happen to find an answer to this I will be sure o post back and give you a heads-up.


Sweet app!...

All I need ;-)
Good software.

This is great! i just bought it (over paypal - thats the best and fastest way without credit card!) and its fantastic!

Are you sure this is the same guy? Here's a link to a story about what this is all about:

I needed to rip a continuous 3 hours worth of system audio/video so I went on the hunt for screencasting software. I downloaded all the demos and gave them a go. Most couldn't use system audio so they were out of the running immediately. Of those that could handle system audio, only iShowU encoded on the fly and gave me a wealth of options for tweaking the size, compression, codec, audio quality. Best of all, iShowU made that easy with a bunch of useful presets. I just did a few test runs with different presets and picked the one that worked best for my application.

I've now got a gorgeous 3 hour video that was a snap to make. Woohoo!

If I have one gripe it's that it doesn't run great on a PowerBook G4 1.5GHz/1.25GB. It works, but combined with the already resource intensive Java app that I was recording it overtaxed my system. On my Core 2 Duo iMac, however, it's a screamer.

iShowU is a fantastic piece of software and is dirt cheap for what it does and how well it does it!

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