iShowU HD

Version: 2.2.0 || Release Date: 2011-05-09 || License: Commercial with demo ($59.95) Developer: shinywhitebox ltd | App Owner: scornflake

Real time screen recording for your Mac.

The pinnacle of realtime capture. Faster than ever with more features to boot! Create tutorials, make a demo for the web, record your favorite game (World of Warcraft!), collaborate on UI design, show tech support what's really going on with that broken program.

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Can record sound from an application even with sound muted: uncheck 'monitor audio' in the audio tab of the advanced settings. (Audio can then be toggled on or off via the Soundflowerbed app.)
This is useful, because afaik the recorded sound volume depends on the volume that was set when recording, ie: it's better to set it to the maximum level otherwise you would 'lose' volume.

I personally hate this application, the files save in MASSIVE loads and then come out laggy and drop hundreds of frames, NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

Great app, with new cool features and great performance, now you can save CPU usage, record with your buit-in isight or another dv camara, The best choise for record screencasts, and cheaper too.

Ahh - all is now revealed. Please visit the website again and you'll see it there.

So where's the download link for this application? Link yields no file and the website only shows the latest version of iShowU, v1.68.

Is this (going to be) the same app as iShowU, with a new name, or is it another application? If latter, how can it be v2.0 when it hasn't yet been released? Pardon my confusion.

Because I'm the author of it, and I'm setting up all the back end website and wot not.

This hasn't been released yet, has it? If not, how come you (entry admin) are using it?