iShowU Studio

Version: 1.5.8 || Release Date: 2015-12-07 || License: Commercial with demo (89.95) App Owner: scornflake

Full non-linear video editor with specific support for screencasting

Easy capture & editing: that’s the core idea. Built from day one with this in mind, it’s easy to capture what you want; add text, annotations, pointers and highlights and then share your result. Features you’ve come to expect in the iShowU “series” have been supercharged: screen & camera capture, mouse highlighting and keyboard animations take on a new lease of life now that you can edit when and how they appear. Did we mention we’ve reworked uploading too? Take the best realtime capture, mix in “time” – and voila, iShowU Studio!

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iusethis won't let me say it's 10.9 only. So while the above says Min requirement is 10.8, it's not. It's 10.9 Mavericks.