Version: 3.3 || Release Date: 2012-02-15 || License: Shareware ($35) Developer: Xnet Communications | App Owner: xnet_dev_team

Quite simply iSoftPhone is an easy to use Internet phone for Mac OS X using VoIP to provide full compatibility and crystal clear voice quality in an attractively sleek interface. The quick one-step configuration will allow you to get talking to other users in seconds. iSoftPhone is integrated with the Mac OS X address book to make calls and manage contacts.Simply dial the number of the person you wish to talk with or select them from the Contacts to call. Users may also setup conference calls for multiple contacts. Create private telephone networks by using the option to add multiple SIP providers.

This is no half-baked Apple Java-compatible program nor is it a port of any Windows or Linux version. We have tried to provide some fun by making a skin which is strangely familiar to a product unveiled at the Expo. This is a pure Mac implementation for Mac users only. Therefore user experience is set on top of the powerful telephony engine.

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MY VOIP provider included Counterpath's Eyebeam product. It was good, but then I found the iSoftPhone. I use it in the office, when I travel, in airports, hotels, everywhere. The integration with address book really sets it apart form the competition. It looks great and works even better.

There is one feature that I have requested. A key that will substitute for a # key. I do a lot conference calls that require everyone to login and that nearly always requires a #key. Other than that, this is the best product.

iSoftPhone is developed by Mac users for Mac users only and our goal is provide functionality that adds value and only available on Mac.

We welcome all suggestions and criticisms at [email protected]

Why do so many SIP apps slap on some tacky skin that make me feel like I'm running WinAmp on an old Win95 box? I'll stick with Telephone, it looks and feels like I'm using Mac software, it stays out of my way, and it's free.

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Total free!!! And the tool does a good job.

I use different free and paid softphones for my voip accounts. Based on my own experience, I can draw some advantages of iSoftPhone over similar products:

1. Very clean and useful integration with Apple Address Book. So there is no need to re-enter your contact and keep updating them.
2. In case of using more than one SIP account, it is very easy to select your desired account for making calls. You can not find such an easy feature in other similar products.
3. Very exciting skin ! (like my iPhone)
4. Very clean sip account configuration page.
5. Faster account logins.
end now with even more competitive price of $35
I will try to provide more on this later.