Version: 4.5b || Release Date: 2009-09-21 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Willmore | App Owner: beniamino

Menubar app hides cluttered desktop, helps you concentrate.

Isolator is a small menu bar application that helps you concentrate. When you're working on a document, and don't want to be distracted, turn on Isolator. It will cover up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all your other applications, so you can concentrate on the task in hand.

Isolator is similar to, but not the same as Think and Backdrop. The difference is that it works exactly how I want it to. Maybe you'll like it too.

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matt_lew, I think you misunderstand what Isolator does. It hides every application. WriteRoom's fullscreen view only applies to WriteRoom, not every applicaiton.

I prefer Writeroom over this, but that's just because I like the full screen Green on Black writing.

I'd like this more if it reinstated the position of other windows after you've used it.

Brian: The current testing version has the option to not hide other apps:

<a href="

That's what's different about it, the other three apps. work at window level.

It's a matter of personal preference.

I wish it worked at a window level instead of an application level.
And I wish it didn't hide all my other apps! That's crazy!

Like this one the most of those three apps.

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