Version: 1.5.2 || Release Date: 2008-03-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Techspansion Software | App Owner: kolby

iSquint is an iPod video conversion application.
It's many times faster than QuickTime Pro, works with almost all popular video formats, and it's infinitely free-er.

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A new, free, alternative is Evom which appears to cover everything that the iSquint of old does.

Thanks el cravito - it's a useful app, I hope someone can take it over.

The iSquint download (.dmg file) is still available from MacUpdate.

yeah i tried to use this the other day and it wouldn't work. :(

Appears to be no longer supported by developer (see Homepage link).

If you get one of those new flash card video cameras - you have to have this program to get the files into an iMovie friendly format.

I agree: very effective application. However, I'm not sure I'd love to see this kind of humor in all my Mac's applications.

Very great program. Thanks.

slow but nice

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