iStat Pro

Version: 4.92 || Release Date: 2010-01-14 || License: Freeware Developer: iSlayer | App Owner: islayer

iStat pro is the ultimate system monitoring widget, consisting of nine sections which can be shown or hidden aswell as customized.

It features highly detailed information on CPU usage (up to 8 cores), memory usage, hard drive space, network usage, IP addresses, battery usage, wireless keyboard and mouse battery levels, uptime, temperatures, and fan speeds.

Vertical and Horizontal style skins are available aswell as 7 different color schemes.

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13 Opinions

I don't like using widgets for monitoring because dashboard is too heavy to load, and when some application uses all the CPU, I can't even launch dashboard to see what's happening.
That why I use X Resource Graph, with a pretty nice theme.

Agreed, jrox. This widget is all I need for monitoring my system and external hard drives.

Gives me a quick overview of what's going on and best of all its free. One of the best widgets out there!

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