Version: 2.0.8 || Release Date: 2008-07-10 || License: Shareware (39.95) App Owner: boinx

iStopMotion is the ideal supplement for your Digital Hub. Used by educators, professional and amateur film makers all over the world to create astonishing work, iStopMotion is the tool of choice for Stop Motion Animation (aka. Claymation) and Time Lapse Recording.

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iStopMotion is a very fun app to play around with or make a professional quality stop motion movie. iStop motion has a bunch of features like backgrounds and foregrounds using chroma key (aka green/blue screen). Also, iStopMotion allows you to plug in a video camera to the computer, use a web cam, import photos, or plug a camera in to the computer. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any of my cameras, so I couldn't try the latter out. iStopMotion is a great tool for both professionals or people who just want to have fun. It is a great application!

Buy and have fun

Stellar app. Simple, effective, excellent results. Baseline app is great, but I've already upgraded to their mid-range version.

This is an insanely creative app. On the contrary to what alej744 said below, I think it's not overly priced, and I think the GUI is outstanding.

Major Wow! factor in this app.

I love this app.

Just a good app. Hit a button and capture a frame, shouldn't be more complicated than that. Too expensive though.

EDIT: And oh yeah, the GUI isn't amazing but it does the job well.